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Idea: scheduler123 : excel-based production scheduling system

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#Scheduler123 - Excel-based Production Scheduling System Feed
Scheduler123 - Excel-based Production Scheduling System Comments Feed
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Scheduler123 - Excel-based Production Scheduling System

Production Schedule Template - Production Scheduling Excel Template
* Scheduler123 - Excel-based Production Scheduling System
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Scheduler123 : Excel-based Production Scheduling System

Excel-based Production Scheduling System

Are you finding production schedule template developed on Excel


Developed by Master Scheduling Manager for hand-on Schedulers

On Time Delivery - OTD

On Time Delivery Tool

Scheduler123 is the powerful production scheduling software in Excel
spreadsheet. Scheduler123 empowers master schedulers to help their
manufacturing Deliver Products On Time. The snow ball effect of
delivery product on time will be...
* Satisfy Customers
* Retain loyalty Customers
* Increase Sales
* Drive Revenue Growth and Deliver Profit!.

High Rate of Consistent On Time Delivery KPI

Hi Alongkorn,

We have now been running full time with Scheduler 123 for just over
6 months and we are pleased to report our business has become far
more organised and focused with a high rate of consistent on time
deliveries, well done and thank you for a well constructed, very
effective and simple to use programme."


Steve Burton

United Kingdom

Re-prioritize and then it Re-schedules future jobs accordingly

"..great visual tool...easily tell when orders are late or on-time."

Scheduler123 is a user-friendly tool, yet very effective way of
managing our production time. A key feature for us was this template
allows us to re-prioritize and then it re-schedules future jobs
accordingly. This is a great visual tool , so we can see what the
plan is for weeks to come, and easily tell when orders are late or
on-time. Using Excel all the time, we were glad to find a product
that fit right into a familiar program.

Thank you,
WI, United States

production scheduling process

Scheduler 1..2..3

Scheduler123 is easy to use tool with 1-2-3 steps
* Step I - Load new order and update current order
* Step II - Adjust parameters such as priority and press
"Rescheduling" button
* Step III - Send production schedule reports to all concerns

How much does it cost?

Instant Scheduling Conflict Identification

"Green is good, Red is bad"

Hi Alongkorn,
With Scheduler 123 I can instantly see the result of "fitting a job
in", and explaining which jobs will miss due date quickly. Program
is set up very well and explanation of due dates is as easy as
"Green is good, Red is bad". This is the only scheduling program I
need. Scheduler123 was very helpful in getting me going with this.
Once I was rolling with this, I was convinced. Nice program, very
nice price.

Brad Doody
Manufacturing Supervisor
IVEK Corporation
North Springfield, VT

Production Visibility for Capable to Promise Solution!

"..when someone quote a new Job, they will know exactly when machine time
will be available."

Hello Alongkorn,

Before coming across Scheduler123, I wasted countless hours trying
to create my own scheduling spreadsheet. I was never able to get it
to work or look just the way I wanted it to. Scheduler123 has all
the necessary features for job shop scheduling plus a lot more. I
update the schedule everyday and an html file of the schedule is
automatically generated and saved to a location on our network.When
someone needs to quote a new job,they can just click a shortcut and
know exactly when machine time will be available.This has been a big
time-saver for us.

Scott L.
MA, United States

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Form, Work Order Tracking, ABC Analysis, Inventory Reorder Report,
Inventory Status Report, Workforce Analysis, Project Costing Status

Real-Time WIP Tracking System in Google Sheets


Create Daily Production Schedule with Confidence!

On Time, without Capacity Issues! production scheduling excel-
See Demo...
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